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Focus offers 3 types of programs. 

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1. Intensive Language Courses
2. Easy-Pace courses
3. Our "Learn how to Learn a foreign language" course
All Language programs are available as private classes or as small groups classes.
Ideal small group size is 2 to 5.   
The "learn how to learn" course can accommodate larger groups.
We teach Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced  English, Spanish and French Courses.
We teach Beginning Italian, Hindi, Punjabi and Mandarin Chinese courses.
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Program Details

1. Intensive Language Programs

Intensive programs are an ideal way to learn a new language.  Students' motivation and desire to learn are high and there are no distractions. 
We use a very direct conversational method imbedding the information about grammar and pronunciation.  The student is encouraged to use the language naturally and immediately.    

Intensive Language Programs   

2. Easy-pace language Programs 

Phoenix & Chicago Language Schools

The easy-pace course allows a student to progress over a period of several weeks.   
We use two tracks for each program: 
1. The specific information the students need to learn: medical, legal. technical etc.
2. The general information anyone learning a language needs. (common vocabulary, grammar etc.)

 Easy-pace courses.

3. The "Learn how to learn a foreign language" course
After learning and teaching for more than thirty years, Jean-Paul has extracted powerful techniques for learning a language.  They are simple but highly effective.. 
We have developed a course that teaches these principles. It lasts 1 day.  It will immediately enhance your ability to absorb a language efficiently and enjoyably.  
Would you compete in a new sport without training for it?  Languages are learned very much like a physical discipline.  They require both understanding and physical awareness/skill.  

The Learning Course


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Email us here or call us at ... 602-954-0465 in Phoenix   or  ... 630-338-1144 in Chicago ...  to Set up a Course or to get more informationYou will find general Pricing info here.
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Phoenix & Chicago Language Schools 

Phoenix & Chicago Language Schools 

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