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Focus Language offers English classes in Chicago and Phoenix for beginning, intermediate and advanced students.  We work with businesses, corporations and individuals.  Visit our programs here. Our approach is conversational to insure you can immediately apply what you learn.  English has become the international language and is spoken in most business environments throughout the world. If you learn English, you can more easily function in many parts of the world.  Learning English is made easier by the fact you encounter it everywhere.  You can quickly begin to communicate in English comfortably and enjoy all the benefits of knowing another language.  
We use recordings, podcasts and in-class work in our English classes to help you gradually learn English enjoyably.  
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English is a hybrid language.  Its grammar and most basic vocabulary comes out of the Germanic family of languages.  Yet there is much French influence on its grammar and vocabulary.  40-60% of English words are directly derived from French.  It is fairly easy to learn English for anyone who speaks a European language.
English vocabulary has a lot in common with the romance languages - French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.  It also contains many Germanic-based words, especially at the most basic, day-to-day level.
English grammar is very manageable. There aren't many forms to learn and the word order is pretty systematic.  There also are some challenging grammar points to learn.  Our English lessons will take you through all the patterns systematically and practically.
English pronunciation is of medium difficulty.  The greatest challenge when you learn English really comes from the irregular spelling system. 
In our English courses, you will get a practical knowledge of the language and a variety of tools and approaches that will allow you to develop your knowledge long after you have finished the course.

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Whether you are learning for personal or business reasons, you will find our programs affordable and highly effective.

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