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French Review for Jean-Paul Setlak of Focus Language by Todd Degnan

On an overall note I really enjoyed working with you on this intensive course in French.   Since working with you I have succeeded in my job.

I have broken down this review into specific categories to critique.

Preliminary setup of program

Before I spoke with you I had looked at a few other language courses.  All of them except you tried to put me in a specific box to try to teach me French using a specific workbook, and tell me their philosophy of language learning.  You were nothing like the other generic companies that I spoke to.  The first aspect that you wanted to know was what was my ultimate goals for French, then my level, and then how to keep me motivated in French.  You were open to any book or specific information that I was looking for as well as to help me learn.  I was also able to tell very early that you had a strong background in teaching languages which was very beneficial to me, as this proved that your methods worked.

Vocabulary and French cultural differences

Your knowledge as a native French speaker helped greatly in that you were able to teach me many French cultural norms.  This was very important because a culture is highly influenced by the language.  You were very flexible with teaching me vocabulary of formal, colloquial terms, and what was best for me to do.


As a whole, working with you for 90 hours was a pleasure.  You were very flexible and easy to work with.  I liked it that you allowed me to take control of the lesson plan and to go over the type of knowledge that I wanted to.  You were never afraid to say, “Todd, we need to fix this in order to do what you want.”  Some of the lessons of pronunciation, grammar, speaking on the phone, and the tips that you gave me helped a lot.


Some days I came in tired and stressed.  You were able to take this into consideration and helped me greatly to make a 0 day into a productive day.

Continuing French afterwards

We had a few discussions on how to keep my French is top shape.  You were very helpful in recommending actions such as French speaking groups, magazines, and helped me find sites that would keep me interested and studying French.

Final notes

JP, you are the best language teacher that I have ever had.  Most ideas that you gave me to study French I have used in other languages that I have studied with results.  I would recommend you highly to anybody considering working with you and I look forward to continue working with you in French and Spanish.


Todd Degnan |Corporate Sales




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