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We offer French classes in Chicago & Phoenix for all levels.  We work with businesses, corporations and individuals.  Visit our programs here.  Our approach is conversational and intuitive  Our first goal is to help you feel competent and confident as you learn French as quickly as possible.  Because French is closely-related to English, it is one of the most easily learnable languages. We can design a program to fit your specific needs: business, traveling or personal.  You can quickly begin to communicate in French comfortably and enjoy all the benefits of knowing another language.   

To learn French, as with any other language, you need to get a solid grounding in the essential aspects:  good pronunciation, basic practical grammar, sufficient vocabulary, good comprehension and confident speaking ability.  It is our teachers' job to lead you through this process in an effective and enjoyable manner.  There is an analytical, systematic side to learning a language.  There is also an intuitive, unconscious element to this process which needs to be addressed in the overall approach.  Both are vitally important as you study French.

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French is definitely a beautiful language.  Its sound is musical and elegant and it is connected to at least 1500 years of history and culture.  It is a key that opens amazing universes, not least of which is modern France with its celebrated educational and traveling venues.  Fortunately for English-speaking students, French and English are closely related cousins.  This makes learning French a much simpler task.  
40% of all English vocabulary (some say 60%) comes directly from French.  Indeed the English nobility only spoke French until the 14th century.  Richard the Lion-hearted, for example, only spoke French and mostly lived in his French provinces (or in Palestine).  This is good news for students, since the greatest challenge for a language student is to memorize thousands of words in a new language.  For example, when you realize that 99.9% of English words ending in "ion" (like revolution and nation) are exactly the same in French, you have just learned 1,200 new words.  And there are 25 or so categories of such words which are almost the same in both languages.    This makes it much easier to learn French.
French grammar - if taught properly - is very logical and systematic.  It is, once again, a cousin of English grammar and much of the needed work is accomplished before you start.  To learn French well requires solid grounding in its grammar.  
The pronunciation of French does have some challenges for the English-speaking mouth, but if you take your time and pay close attention to its unique music, French soon becomes natural and pleasurable to speak. 
In all levels of our French classes, you will immediately be guided to speak, while receiving a deep grounding in French grammar and vocabulary.
To learn French can be a rewarding experience which opens many cultural and commercial doors.  It takes concentration, persistence and enjoyment to progress.

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