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Focus Language offers Hindi classes for beginning and intermediate students.  We concentrate primarily on developing good speaking  and comprehension skills.  We use a conversational approach which allows you to use the language immediately.  Hindi is a beautiful language and it connects you to hundreds of millions of people who speak it.  It is steeped in cultures and traditions which go back thousands of years.  Our Hindi classes are for beginning and intermediate students.
We use recordings, podcasts and in-class work to help you learn Hindi gradually understand and  enjoyably.  

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Hindi is an Indo-European language and is therefore closely related to European languages at the level of vocabulary and grammar.   
Hindi Script
Hindi is written using the Devanagari script.  Devanagari is a very logical and systematic phonetic alphabet which can be learned fairly fast.  When you learn Hindi, knowing the writing system will give you a much deeper access to the language.  


Hindi grammar contains more forms than English and requires focus to learn. In our Hindi classes you will learn it conversationally and intuitively while getting enough practice to make it second nature.
Hindi has more sounds than English, and it is important to feel comfortable with them at the very beginning of your studies
Our Hindi classes offer you a structured yet enjoyable environment in which to master the basics of the language 
This  article hopefully gives you a sense of what is involved to learn Hindi.    

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