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Focus Language offers 3 types of  language programs for organizations. 
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1. Intensive Language  Programs   
2. Easy-Pace courses
3. Our "Learn how to Learn a foreign language" course
We will work with you extensively to develop a custom curriculum that meets your specific organizational needs.  We will use 2 tracks for each program:
Track 1 contains the specific information the students need to learn: medical, legal. technical etc.   
Track 2 contains the general  information anyone learning a language needs. (common vocabulary, grammar etc.)
We teach Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced  English, Spanish and French Courses.
We teach Beginning Italian, Hindi, Punjabi and Mandarin Chinese courses.  
All programs at Focus are available as private classes or as small groups classes.  Ideal small group size is 2 to 5.
The instruction can take place at your location or at ours (Chicago & Phoenix).  (Your organization will be responsible for out-of-town traveling and accommodation expenses). 

Email us here or call us at (630) 338-1144 in Chicago or (602) 954-0465 in Phoenix to set up a course or to to get more information about our Foreign Language Training 

Intensive Language Programs

Taking an intensive Language course is a powerful way of learning a new language.  It is definitely the most efficient approach, since it by-passes any distractions or loss of motivation.  

Our program runs 5-8 consecutive days, enabling busy professionals to absorb the entrance level of the language immediately. Intermediate and advanced students raise their competence and performance fast and effectively.

Intensive Language Programs    

Easy-pace language Programs

The easy-pace course allows students  to greatly increase their level of fluency over a period of several weeks. It lets them learn while keeping their normal schedule.

Language School Phoenix

Easy-pace courses.   

The "Learn how to learn" a foreign language course

Very powerful principles and techniques of language learning are taught In this program.   

It is a one-day course which immediately enhances the student's ability to learn a language efficiently and enjoyably.  

It is of immediate use to anyone who needs to learn a language quickly, since it greatly speeds up the process and eliminates confusion and frustration. 

.Language School Phoenix

 The "Learn how to learn" Course   

Set up a program with us.

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