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Our learning system is based on several principles:

1. The learning process must be comfortable and enjoyable.  The work can sometimes be very challenging or taxing, but few people will persevere if they do not feel a sense of joy and achievement on the way.  This is a basic requirement we address first.

2. It is the responsibility of the teacher to understand how each individual best learns.  Some students are methodical, for example, while others are more spontaneous.  The teaching style must always adapt to the learner to be effective.  
3. Simultaneously, because many adult do not know how to learn languages efficiently, they must be  shown how to acquire and then automatically use the different skills required to excel in language learning.  
4. The teacher must deliver the information (grammar, vocabulary etc.) in a skillful and immediately practical way.  Students want and need to be able to use their new language right away.
5.  Students must have a direct experience of using the new language competently.
Each Focus Language course runs through the necessary building blocks of learning in an informal but highly focused way. 
The programs are all meant to do 5 primary things:
a. Use grammar practically and confidently.
b. Absorb relevant, fundamental vocabulary efficiently.
c. Develop adequate pronunciation.
d. Be capable of comfortably communicating at their level - whether beginning, intermediate or advanced.
e. Gradually improve their capacity to understand native speakers.
Our goal at the end of the course is to see that the student has integrated the new language level; and is motivated to continue expanding his or her knowledge.



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Email us here or call us at (630) 338-1144 in Chicago or (602) 954-0465 in Phoenix to set up a course or to to get more information about our Foreign Language Training    You will find general pricing info here.

Fluency is inevitable.......... unless you stop practicing

 Language Schools Chicago and Phoenix


  • You are provided with a clear map of the language you are learning and the skills you will need to absorb it.

  • You are specifically trained in the Important skills that can make you so much more effective as a language student.

  • You easily master the Entrance Level of the new language

  • You learn memory techniques to help you continue to progress.

  • You can get a good grasp of the pronunciation

  • You are coached in how to develop your own fluency

  • You learn to  use relaxation and energizing techniques.

  • You comfortably face your limitations, understand and start to transform them.

Language Schools

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