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Learn a language in our easy-pace program while maintaining your normal schedule.    Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced students can all develop their skills significantly.  
We guide you through your new language, making sure you develop all the important skills. We  help you set up an efficient study program with great support materials.
We will also teach you many new habits, techniques and "tricks of the trade" which will make your learning journey much easier.  
These are very cost-effective programs 

Contact us to set up a program.


Free Consultation:  Sign up here for a Free Consultation via telephone or Skype
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French Courses: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced programs
English Courses: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced programs
Spanish Courses: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced programs
Mandarin Chinese courses: Beginning Programs
Italian courses: Beginning Programs
Hindi courses: Beginning Programs
Punjabi courses: Beginning Programs
Programs length: 4-12 weeks. 
We usually meet 1-2 times a week (more upon request) 2 weeks
Classes are 60, 90 or 120 minutes long
.Focus Language School is located in Chicago & Phoenix. Online lessons can take place anywhere.
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