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Focus Language offers Punjabi classes for beginning and intermediate students.  Our approach focuses on conversation and vocabulary building to let you speak quickly.  Punjabi connects you to a large segment of the population of India and Pakistan.  It is a language rich in tradition and culture.
We use recordings, podcasts and in-class work to help you learn Punjabi gradually and in an enjoyable manner. 

Email us here or call us at (630) 338-1144 in Chicago or (602) 954-0465 in Phoenix to set up a course or to to get more information about our Foreign Language Training


Punjabi belongs to Indo-European language family and has much in common with European languages. 
Punjabi Script
Punjabi is written using the Gurmukhi script.  Gurmukhi is a phonetic alphabet.  It is logical, consistent  and easy to learn. 


Punjabi grammar is very systematic.  It contains more basic forms than English grammar.  But it is very regular and quite learnable.  
This language contains more sounds than English.  It is important to learn them well when you begin to learn Punjabi.
Our Punjabi classes focus on the practical and immediately usable aspects of the language. 

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