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Focus Language offers Italian classes for beginning and intermediate students.  We work with businesses, corporations and individuals.  We concentrate on developing good speaking  and comprehension skills.  We use a conversational approach which allows you to use the language immediately.  Italian is a wonderful language and it lends itself perfectly to a fun interactive approach.  Italian becomes fairly easy to read after a short while and you can begin to develop your knowledge fast.  You can quickly begin to communicate in Italian comfortably and enjoy all the benefits of knowing another language.  
We use recordings, podcasts and in-class work in our Italian classes to help you gradually learn Italian enjoyably.  
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Italian is a cousin by marriage of English (connected through French) and both have a lot in common.  This makes it much easier to learn than more distant languages.  There is so much in common between the vocabulary and the grammar of both languages that you can progress fast.    

Italian vocabulary has tens of thousands of words in common with English.  You can easily recognize and learn them:  televisione, macchina, spendere, nazione.  Once you get used to the way they are modified, it becomes a breeze.  For example, there are 1,200  words in "ion" in English which become "ione" words in Italian: elevazione, nazione, preparazione, preoccupazione etc.   It is obvious what these mean in English.  

Italian classes Chicago & Phoenix

Italian grammar has more grammar forms than English, and it requires some concentration to learn.  But once again its close relationship  to English allows you to intuitively know how to build sentences very easily.  There is always a way to practice grammar conversationally which makes it much simpler and natural. 
There is nothing really too challenging in Italian pronunciation.  Once you understand the rhythm and music of the language it becomes quite fun and easy to learn Italian.  The spellings may look odd to English speakers but they are systematic and regular.
Our Italian classes are structured to bring you to a practical knowledge of the language.  We pay close attentions to individual students and how they learn.  
This brief article can give you a sense of what is involved in learning Italian.  

Italian classes Chicago &Phoenix

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