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Do you want to learn a new language? 
Many people see it as a  difficult and  boring project.  You have to learn thousands of words and grammar constructions, make impossible  mouth-twisting sounds, listen to a wall of incomprehensible gibberish, and be grilled by impatient, unforgiving natives.  
No wonder so many people have serious reservations about this process.
Yet, certain individuals seem to dance through the learning process effortlessly.  What do they do?  And can someone else learn  to do it too?  The answer is yes.  I believe and have repeatedly seen that all of us have the capacity to learn multiple languages brilliantly.  We simply but desperately lack the skill to do it. 
Through the years, I have studied fourteen  languages to varying degrees:  French, Latin, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Punjabi, Medieval Punjabi, Sanskrit, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. From that work I have extracted a series of highly useful principles and methods which will simplify your work immensely.  


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The "Learn how to learn" course is my distillation of this information.
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It is a 1-day course in which I will teach you the fundamental principles of effective language learning.  I will guide you through each principle and practice it with you so that it becomes automatic.  

We will work with principles of pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, speaking, memorization, organization, relaxation, practice schedule and material selection.  From then on, instead of going about your learning haphazardly, you will approach it efficiently and confidently.  We can, upon request, discuss in class any language that you are interested in learning. 

I asked a talented student of mine who spoke English, Farsi, Spanish, Italian and French brilliantly what he thought the most important element in learning was.  "Passion", he replied.  As in a sport or in dance, this passion can only be truly unleashed when you feel confident and you know what you are doing.

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There are 2 ways to obtain this crucial information:
  1. You can design a program for learning a specific language with me (intensive or easy-pace).  I will guide you through the learning process until you reach your desired level of fluency.

  2. You can take the "How to Learn" course. 

Email me here or call me at 602-954-0465 to set up a "Learn how to Learn" course or to to get more information about my programs.  I will be happy to discuss your specific needs and goals.  

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