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An Intensive Language Course is a Powerful way to learn
Something happens... when you are in a skillful immersion language program!  Your mind opens and you are able to pick up in a few days what often takes weeks or even months. This new spark will keep you going  as you deepen your knowledge.  
A good  language immersion program helps you rewire your learning responses and acquire all the needed skills to learn enjoyably and quickly.  
The journey from not-knowing to fluency is one Jean-Paul has made and documented many times: in his own learning and while teaching hundreds of students.  He has created a simple blueprint which can be used by anyone to learn a language faster.  
Contact us here for an intensive courses in French, Spanish, English, Italian, Chinese, Hindi or Punjabi.  We will help you reach a reasonable fluency level efficiently.
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Immersion Language Courses

Spanish, English and French Intensive Courses: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Italian, Hindi, Punjabi and Mandarin Intensive Chinese courses: Beginning Level

  • Class size: 1-12 students
  • Length of programs: Five full days  (3-6 class hours a day)
  • 2-3 week immersion language programs are also available to highly motivated students.
  • Pre-course student evaluation
  • We will help you structure your post-program study to insure you retain what you've learned, and keep progressing. 

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Email us here or Call us at .... (630) 338-1144 in Chicago ..... or (602) 954-0465 in Phoenix  to set up an intensive language course or to to get more information.  

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